Student On-boarding Process

Since every student referred to us is unique, we want to ensure that we have a clear understanding of each child’s strengths and needs. This helps us to personalize instruction and to maximize the time that we spend together during tutoring sessions.

The following outlines the process for enrollment and on-boarding:

  1. Referral with parent questionnaire or interview
  2. Assessment of present levels of performance
  3. Review of existing data
  4. Conference to review comprehensive data, set priorities, and create learning goals with parent(s) and student
  5. Begin instruction!

Learning Approach and Methodology

Trained and licensed as a special education teacher, Lauren Myer uses a variety of research-based interventions and teaching methods to help students reach their goals. Depending on a student’s strengths and needs, Lauren will determine a personalized plan of intervention and support. This is most effectively done in concert with parents and teachers.

Reading Instruction

Students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, require consistent intervention with a structured phonics program. Lauren is a Certified Wilson Reading® (WRS) instructor. Click HERE to learn more about the Wilson Reading System® philosophy and approach.

Writing Instruction

According to the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 27% of 8th and 12th grade students in the United States are proficient writers. The task continues to be a formidable challenge for school-aged students and often does not get the attention it needs in school. Lauren is extensively trained in The Writing Revolution® or Hochman Method®, a proven research-based approach first developed to assist students with learning disabilities. Instruction with this method begins at the sentence level and ultimately builds to planning and revising compositions at the paragraph and muti-paragraph levels. Click HERE to learn more about The Writing Revolution® philosophy and approach.

General Support

As a special education practitioner, Lauren can design instructional supports for students in all subjects and areas of need, including enrichment and general homework support.